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PPSSPP Gold is the #1 Emulator For Android to Play PSP Games on your Android Device. Play PSP Games Easily So, Download PPSSPP Gold APK Now !


What is PPSSPP Gold ?

PPSSPP Gold APK : PPSSPP is an popular emulator for Android devices which allows you to run Games and other popular roms in android devices via the downloaded ISO & CSO Rom files. So, if you are a PPSSPP lover then you are on the right place. PPSSPP Emulator is really amazing for playing games in the android devices. But the original PPSSPP has some limitations in it but the PPSSPP Gold has all the premium features unlocked.

PPSSPP Gold Mod is the premium version which has all advanced features like playing the game in resume state anytime, HD Graphics, Advanced Customization, Filtering, etc. we will talk about more features later on but one of my favorite the feature is resume game in as it is stated, means you can resume game anytime where you have last reached


  • Why PPSSPP Gold?
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  • Why PPSSPP Gold APK?

    PPSSPP Gold is the only #1 best android app that can easily run all of your high graphics games in your smartphone. Normal PPSSPP version provides you a lot of thing but PPSSPP Gold has all premium features unlocked. It Provides your HD Graphics, Advanced Customization in the Games settings, Premium features and much more.

    PPSSPP Gold Emulator allows you to run any game in as it states at any time, you don't have to start the game over again, PSP Gold can resume it. Audio sounds in PPSSPP Gold are much amazing and enhanced than the normal ones. A lot of great features are provided in PPSSPP Gold Like:

    There are a lot of games roms are available for PPSSPP Gold, You can easily download any of them from the google or you can visit this website https://romsgames.net/. Other than that there are a lot of roms available on the internet. You can easily store any of rom in your SDcard, internal storage or any other external storage device.

    PPSSPP Gold

    Features - PPSSPP Gold Emulator

    HD Graphics

    PPSSPP Gold allows you to play games in HD Graphics Mode in your android device. HD Graphics Provides you a next level Experience while playing the game, So PPSSPP Gold provides you to play games on a higher Resolution

    Resume Game

    In the PPSSPP Gold APK, it has save gameplay session features which allows you to save you game's current session in the storage. It helps to start a game from the resume state where you left means you don't have to play the game over again.

    Advanced Customization

    PPSSPP Gold provides you the control to Customize the settings in the PPSSPP Games means you can yourself Customize things according to you. Customize features like Rendering Speed, Frames Speed, Graphics, Filtering scale, set multiple languages and ever much more.

    Download PPSSPP Gold APK

    PPSSPP Gold

    v1.17.1 || 24MB

    Download APK (v1.17.1)

    ppsspp.gold || play store

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    PPSSPP Gold


    Install PPSSPP Gold?

    Now, comes to the installation part of PPSSPP Gold. Installation for PPSSPP Gold APK is really very simple just follow these few steps given below in the graphic image.

    Install PPSSPP Gold

    PPSSPP Gold For PC

    If you are a player of PC and love playing PSP Gmaes in the PC on a bigger screen then Download the PPSSPP Gold APK For PC [windows & mac]. Just click the below button and we have a guide on how you can install PPSSPP Gold on PC

    User Reviews

    Biometal ZX 😊 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    You can't go wrong with this emulator. A PC version is solid and the android version is just as good. Worth the money and the games I play work fine. Now, not every game is perfect. This is still a work in progress. However, it's the best PSP emulator you will find on both PC & Android. Very simple to use, no useless features & sloppy menus.

    Novrizal Eko 😁 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    This is by far the best emulator ever made, it runs every game almost perfectly, but it miss 1 thing, widescreen hack feature (full screen on ultra widescreen without streching), can you implement this feature for next update, other system emulator already implement this, such as epsxe, fpse, dolphin and pcsx2, please, make this app beyond perfect

    YanChalice Daisuki 😜 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Probably one of the best thing on store. FINALLY i cant play PSP game, yeah its kinda outdated but when i was a kid i always want to own PSP but never came true since how expensive they are back then. Very powerful emulator and smooth gameplay (depends on how powerful your phone is ). but when there...


    Final Words

    So, here we have shared all the information related to PPSSPP Gold APK. You can simply download and install it on your smartphone and play your favourite PPSSPP Games in your smartphone.

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